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Review of Mirasvit Reward Points + Referral program

I have review quite a few of magento rewarding extension, but Mirasvit’s one simply outnumbers them all.
I haven’t play and test much with this extension, but as far as I can see, this extension quite complete specially in earning rule. It contains many options for awarding customers loyalty points. If I can suggest, it will be perfect if this extension has a facebook share earning rule.
Another important things is: im using ultimo template and magestore checkout, and they stated that this extension is supported for those specific modules!
Overall, I feel this extension is a good investment for my business.

Personally, I will recommend this magento extension!
You can klik here to visit the extension.

Another Review of Mirasvit Follow Up Email

This is my 2nd purchase of this extension.
The first one was the community edition version. Im so happy with the extension and the support offered. I want to thank to the support team Alexey Varlamov who fixed all of my issues in about a day after the ticket was submitted.
The function is well thought, and covered many marketing functions and ideas.
Now I bought this extension again for our Enterprise edition Magento.
From tech perspective:
As our standard, each of extension that we bought has to be scrutinized by our tech team.
And out tech team said that the code is clean and follow magento EE best practices.

From marketing perspective:
This EE version of Follow up email extension has no difference in functionality with the community one.
It has all the functionality that support marketing ideas, out of the box.
Even, we request to the Mirasvit team that we need to add function of abandoned cart with rule value based on shipping price. Because we think there are 2 main reasons why visitor abandoned their cart.

  1. Bad UX
  2. Expensive Shipping cost

Personally, I will recommend this magento extension!
You can klik here to visit the extension.

Build Your Own $5 Siege Server

What is siege server?

Based on wikipedia,

Siege is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and HTTPS load testing and Web server benchmarking utility developed by Jeffrey Fulmer. It was designed to let web developers measure the performance of their code under stress, to see how it will stand up to load on the internet.

I short words, siege is a tool to measure how good is your server AND your web code!

Before we start below is the requirement:
1. Ubuntu / Debian server2. Basic knowledge of linux terminal

Let’s start!

  1. Update and upgrade

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

  2. Download lates siege. Click here to visit Siege website

    wget http://download.joedog.org/siege/siege-latest.tar.gz

  3. Extract it!

    tar -zxvf siege-latest.tar.gz

  4. Get into your siege directory.

    cd siege-*/

  5. Check whether you have GCC installed or not (GNU Compiler Collection). You can install it with command below.

    sudo apt-get install build-essential -y

  6. Install OpenSSL if you want to fire an https website.

    sudo apt-get install openssl

  7. Configure and finish your build!

    ./configure –with-ssl
    sudo make install

Then below is how to read the result:

The number of server hits. In the example, 25 simulated users [ -c25 ] each hit the server 10 times [ -r10 ], a total of 250 transactions. It is possible for the number of transactions to exceed the number of hits that were scheduled. Siege counts every server hit a transaction, which means redirections and authentication challenges count as two hits, not one. With this regard, siege follows the HTTP specification and it mimics browser behavior.
This is the percentage of socket connections successfully handled by the server. It is the result of socket failures (including timeouts) divided by the sum of all connection attempts. This number does not include 400 and 500 level server errors which are recorded in “Failed transactions” described below.
Elapsed time
The duration of the entire siege test. This is measured from the time the user invokes siege until the last simulated user completes its transactions. Shown above, the test took 14.67 seconds to complete.
Data transferred
The sum of data transferred to every siege simulated user. It includes the header information as well as content. Because it includes header information, the number reported by siege will be larger then the number reported by the server. In internet mode, which hits random URLs in a configuration file, this number is expected to vary from run to run.
Response time
The average time it took to respond to each simulated user’s requests.
Transaction rate
The average number of transactions the server was able to handle per second, in a nutshell: transactions divided by elapsed time.
The average number of bytes transferred every second from the server to all the simulated users.
The average number of simultaneous connections, a number which rises as server performance decreases.
Successful transactions
The number of times the server responded with a return code < 400.
Failed transactions
The number of times the server responded with a return code >= 400 plus the sum of all failed socket transactions which includes socket timeouts.
Longest transaction
The greatest amount of time that any single transaction took, out of all transactions.
Shortest transaction
The smallest amount of time that any single transaction took, out of all transactions.


Mirasvit Full Page Cache Extension Review

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solution in the world. That’s right, none are the most used in the industry other than Magento. According to an Alexa study, Magento is used on 20% of all ecommerce sites online.

One of the drawback of Magento is It tends to be slow, particularly on smaller, single servers.

I remember the first time when my Magento hit by a 100 concurrence. It was DOWN! At that time, I use shared cpanel hosting. I tried to optimize everything, but still, it went down when hit by a hundreds concurrence. So what is the express solution?

And I arrived at the answer, Full Page Cache. And the hunt was begin. I tried to search what is the best extension for this purpose. And the answer is varied from one to another. But I got a really wise answer:

You can not really make a decision on which FPC solution is best for your store. The best way is to find which extension offer you best support.

So I tried to read almost all FPC review. Line by line.
And I found Mirasvit FPC suited to my requirement. Event they offer money back guarantee without any question asked!

And I am sooooo nervous when I hit the RUN TEST button in http://www.magespeedtest.com/
I set 100 users for 60 seconds. After 20 seconds, My site still ALIVE!! And it is so fast!

I am really happy! Problem Solved!

One of the support team Alexander always help me when I did the initial setting for the extension.

Now I got an A result for my site www.lumikbabyshop.com in https://gtmetrix.com/

If you want to know about the extension, please visit : https://mirasvit.com/magento-extensions/full-page-cache.html




Mengapa di dunia hanya ada istilah “Brotherhood” tapi tidak dikenal “Sisterhood”?

Suatu malam, seorang wanita tidak pulang ke rumahnya. Esok harinya dia memberitahu suaminya bahwa dia menginap di rumah teman wanitanya. Suaminya menelepon 10 teman istrinya yg paling akrab, dan hasilnya tidak seorang pun dari mereka yg tahu tentang itu.~
Sebaliknya: Suatu malam seorang pria tidak pulang ke rumahnya. Esok harinya, dia memberitahu istrinya bahwa dia menginap di rumah seorang temannya. Istrinya menelepon 10 teman suaminya yg paling akrab, dan hasilnya: 8 diantaranya memastikan kalau suaminya menginap di rumah mereka!!!.. dan …. 2 lainnya bahkan mengatakan bahwa suaminya MASIH berada di rumah mereka!”
Merasa hal itu sangat menarik, seorang suami yg membaca artikel ini segera menunjukannya pada istrinya yang kemudian juga membacanya.
Istrinya penasaran, malah ingin mengetes apakah apa yang ditulis di artikel ini benar. Sang suami berusaha mencegah tapi istri tetap melakukan. Dengan suami duduk di sisinya, si istri menelpon satu persatu teman akrab suaminya, menanyakan apakah suaminya bersama mereka.
Apa yang ditulis dalam artikel tsb ternyata benar berlaku di seluruh pelosok dunia!
Yang lebih parah, ada salah satu teman suaminya yang malah mengatakan bahwa suaminya mabuk dan sampai sekarang masih tidur di dalam rumahnya. Dia malah bertanya kepada sang istri itu apakah suaminya perlu dibangunkan untuk berbicara di telepon?
Si istri kaget dan tidak mau membuat malu teman suaminya dan berkata, “Sudahlah nggak apa-apa.”
Begitu sang istri menutup telepon, handphone suaminya langsung berdering dan ternyata telpon itu dari teman suaminya yang berkata: “Dimana kamu? Cepat pulang ke rumah! Istrimu mencari kamu dari tadi. Saya bilang kamu mabuk di rumah saya. …. Oh ya! jangan lupa minum bir sedikit sebelum pulang! – with Ade, A For Andi , and hadi

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