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Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite

This is my 2nd purchase from Mirasvit. Advanced SEO Suite!

Like usual, I always compare a plugins before purchase.  I don’t believe all marketing description written in the website. But I do believe what people said about a product. So I did a thorough search about all Magento SEO Plugin, and found out that many people talked about this plugins. So I bought this, and put this as a highly recommend plugins.

First, the module itself. It is a very complete SEO module for magento. They offer seo template! It helps me to manage all the metas without editing each product individually. So I just create a seo template for each category, and then, I can create new product without needs to write all the metas, even description and short description. It saves my time a lot. But as a highlight, make sure you understand the basic principle of SEO, otherwise, you will need an extra effort to google all the terminology used. The other things very helpfull is the url rewrite. With this module, I dont have to rewrite all the url individually. I just set using a variable. The same thing happened in product image. Even I can automatically rename all the product image using a variable!

Second, the customer service. They seems maintained a highly standard for customer service. Send an email and it will be responded within 24 hours! Not only that, but their support is fantastic. One of the suppor team, Alexey is very helpful.  He helped me to fix some issue relating to the pop up seo description.

So what is lack of this plugins?

I suggest them to create a basic description, example and a use case of each function in their manual. It will help an SEO amateur to maximize the use of the plugins.

I recommend this SEO plugins to all magento store owner who want to optimize their website existence in google search result!

Click here of visit https://mirasvit.com/magento-extensions/advanced-seo-suite.html if you need more information about this SEO Plugins!


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