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Mirasvit Full Page Cache Extension Review

Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce solution in the world. That’s right, none are the most used in the industry other than Magento. According to an Alexa study, Magento is used on 20% of all ecommerce sites online.

One of the drawback of Magento is It tends to be slow, particularly on smaller, single servers.

I remember the first time when my Magento hit by a 100 concurrence. It was DOWN! At that time, I use shared cpanel hosting. I tried to optimize everything, but still, it went down when hit by a hundreds concurrence. So what is the express solution?

And I arrived at the answer, Full Page Cache. And the hunt was begin. I tried to search what is the best extension for this purpose. And the answer is varied from one to another. But I got a really wise answer:

You can not really make a decision on which FPC solution is best for your store. The best way is to find which extension offer you best support.

So I tried to read almost all FPC review. Line by line.
And I found Mirasvit FPC suited to my requirement. Event they offer money back guarantee without any question asked!

And I am sooooo nervous when I hit the RUN TEST button in http://www.magespeedtest.com/
I set 100 users for 60 seconds. After 20 seconds, My site still ALIVE!! And it is so fast!

I am really happy! Problem Solved!

One of the support team Alexander always help me when I did the initial setting for the extension.

Now I got an A result for my site www.lumikbabyshop.com in https://gtmetrix.com/

If you want to know about the extension, please visit : https://mirasvit.com/magento-extensions/full-page-cache.html





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